• Enrolment forms should be filled out and sent (by e-mail) together with 2 photos and a copy of the payment document for the 150 € deposit to the school’s adress.
  • The deposit may be sent (indicating name of student) by postal order or by bank transfer.
  • Postal order to:

Colegio Ibérico – C/ Arco, 8 1º · 37001 Salamanca. España

  • Bank transfer to:

Colegio Ibérico / Caja Rural de Salamanca. Urbana 2 / Plaza del Mercado 4. 37001 Salamanca-España.

  • IBAN: ES 66 / 3016 / 0124 / 77 / 2264064623
  • BIC: BCO- EES – MM- 016
  • All bank expenses will be paid by the student and must be paid upon their arrival. The deposit will be deducted from the total price of the course
  • Once received, the enrolment form and the copy of the payment document, we shall confirm, in writing, the inscription and, if necessary, we shall send the certificate to obtain the visa from the embassy.


  • Payment for the total cost of the course must be made in full during the first three days of the commencement of classes.
  • Should the student join a group late, leave before the end of a course or miss lessons, no money will be refunded or deducted from the total price of their course.
  • Classes that fall on the same days as bank holidays, local or national, will not be recuperated.


  • Notification of any cancellation must be made in writing to the Colegio Ibérico
  • Course cancellation will incur the loss of the total sum of the deposit, 150 €, which is retained by the Colegio Ibérico.


If the student is not able to arrive on a foreseen date, the commencement date of their course can be rescheduled for a date within 6 months prior to the original commencement date. Any increases in course prices over that period, will be charged to the student. For courses shorter than 16 weeks in duration, attendance must be continuous and it is not possible to split these courses to accommodate a holiday. For courses lasting longer than 16 weeks, students will be able to take from 1 to 2 weeks holiday having previously arranged this with the school. These weeks can later be recovered at the end of the arranged term dates if classes are available at the appropriate level.


Petitions for course changes should be made directly to the Colegio Ibérico who will study the student’s particular case and instruct them on the necessary requirements to carry out the changes, therefore safeguarding such a way as to safeguard the interests of both student and school.


There is a single 32 € fee for the accommodation search service (irrespective of accommodation type) which is charged in the first month. The student is liable for any damages they may cause during their stay.


We advise students to obtain both personal and health insurance policies before leaving their home country. Citizens from European Union member states are entitled to medical care provided by the Spanish Social Security System.