Colegio Ibérico is a benchmark in the organisation of short-stay language courses as it is run by a team of Spanish-as-a-foreign- language teachers. Our teaching staff participate in the creation and management of each of our study programs and can therefore guarantee our study groups that their stay in Salamanca and at our centre is not simply limited to a holiday abroad, but a genuine, entertaining and stimulating foreign language learning experience.

Who are short stays aimed at?

These are especially aimed at students between the ages of 12 and 17.

What are the main aims of these courses?

The aim of a short stay is for the students to get the opportunity to experience a true language, social and cultural immersion via a program which is prepared exclusively for each student group and adapted as much as possible to the syllabus of the groups’ native country.

How are the short-stay courses organised?

These courses are structured in two parts:
Morning timetable: focused on a task-based approach, we combine the in-class preparation of a communicative task based on real-life situations (asking for information, buying, asking for directions, creating an on-line blog of the stay, etc.) with its practical execution outside the classroom with activities.

Afternoon timetable: the students participate in cultural activities related to the communicative task carried out during the morning class.

What accommodation options do the students have?

Accommodation in families

We place two to four students of the same group in a family. Our families have different profiles, from families with children, one-parent families, families with no children, etc. Some families may also already have students from other nationalities staying with them.
The families offer half and full-board lodgings.
The families received the students at a pre-established meeting point in the city centre. On the first day, the family accompanies the student to the school.

Student Halls of Residence

Located in the centre of Salamanca. The students are allocated various rooms separated by gender. These rooms may be double or triple depending on the residence. All rooms have en suite bathrooms. The residences offer half and full-board lodgings.

How to apply for a short-stay course?

To apply for any kind of information (examples of tasks and activities, a specific study program or a quote for course fees etc.) please contact María de Castro, academy director.



If desired, we can assign an accompanying monitor for all activities

24-hour emergency service

Pickup service from Madrid Barajas airport to Salamanca