This is the best option for full integration into our culture and customs from the first day and the best way for your knowledge of the Spanish language to progress quickly.

Our families have different profiles, from families with children, one-parent families, families with no children, etc. Some families may also already have students from other nationalities staying with them.

The families offer half and full-board lodgings.

Shared flats

You will share common areas of the flat (bathrooms, kitchen and living rooms) with other students. The flats are equipped with all the necessary facilities, you only need to bring bedsheets and towels.

Student Halls of residence

Located in the centre of Salamanca. In this type of accommodation, you will find a youthful atmosphere and the possibility to easily interact with other students from Spain and other parts of the world.
All rooms have en suite bathrooms. The residences offer half and full-board lodgings.


 If you would like some other type of accommodation (hotel, individual apartment, etc.), please contact Colegio Ibérico’s secretariat and we will be more than happy to help you find such accommodation.



We deal with real prices with NO hidden charges, Colegio Ibérico receives NO commission on the accommodation price.

We only charge a 30 Euro handling fee.